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Contact: Kathleen Casey
Motovid.com Motorcycle Events
PO BOX 926 Delavan WI 53115


Motovid.com adds Road America event to 2014 schedule
All Levels Motorcycle Track Day – Mon. Sep. 8th

(DELAVAN WI)  Motovid.com is proud announce an addition to its tenth anniversary season for the 2014 All Levels Motorcycle Track Day and Rider Clinic schedule with an event at Road America Mon. Sept. 8th.

“Taking Motovid.com to Road America has always been one of my goals for our program and a dream personally”, said John Udell, president Motovid.com. “the opportunity to celebrate Motovid.com’s tenth anniversary season and bring our riders to Road America this summer is really quite special” he added.

“Over the years, so many of our customers have asked us to host an event at Road America, we felt now was the time” said Kathleen Casey, owner/COO Motovid.com. “Mark your calendars for the 2014 Motovid.com Rides Road America Summer event. Hope you can join us Mon. September 8 for a spectacular end of riding season in 2014. ”

For more information on the Motovid.com Rides Road America event Mon. Sept. 8 or sign up, please go to http://www.motovid.com.


MidwestSportRiders.com and FarrellPerformance.com are very happy to announce that we are co-sponsoring an open house and track seminar at Farrell Performance in Oshkosh, WI.

This will be an open house and demonstration / discussion.  EVERYONE is encouraged to attend.


11AM Sat. April 26th, 2014 at:
Farrell Performance
2300 S. Washburn St.
Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54904


  • Jason Farrell will begin with a discussion of good spring street bike maintenance that everyone should be doing to their motorcycles
  • Then Jason will be demonstrating, what is needed to track prep your street bike for your first track day!
  • Next, CCS Midwest head tech official, Jay Van Evenhoven will be on site to have a discussion on what it takes to participate and get involved in CCS racing.
  • Finally Jason will take it up to the next level and discuss what is involved in road race prep for CCS and other race series.  He’ll go over component setup and tire options he recommends.
  • At the end of the presentations we will have a drawing for a Free Track Day from Motovid.com!


There will be Pizza and refreshments provided for lunch. Jason, Marr and their staff will be available for questions and parts inquiries before and after the demonstrations.

I am trying to get t-shirts printed up that will be available for sale for a modest cost.

For more information on Jason Farrell and Farrel Performance llc please visit their website at www.FarrellPerformance.com,

If you plan to attend, please give a shout out in the MidwestSportRiders.com forums so we can get a rough estimate for food and refreshments. Note: This is a BYOC event. (Bring your own chair.)

Farrell Performance llc

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Here are all the videos we have from Midwest Sport Riders members that attended the ZARS track day on 5/27/2013.  There are also a TON of pictures in this forum post: http://www.midwestsportriders.com/forum/track-days-talk/road-america-track-day/msg7406/#msg7406 if you see anything there that you’d like the full resolution pic emailed to you, please feel free to use the contact page and we’ll get it to you.  No charge for members or non-members….cuz we good like that.  😉


The San Francisco start-up achieved a milestone by demonstrating a working proof-of-concept of its fully-enclosed, self-balancing electric motorcycle.

Lit Motors' C1 self-balancing motorcycle on a test drive.Lit Motors’ C1 self-balancing motorcycle on a test drive.

(Credit: Lit Motors)

Electric vehicle start up Lit Motors unveiled a working concept of what could be the answer to a conventional motorcycle’s biggest drawbacks: 1) tipping over, and 2) the road rash and laundry list of other ills you could incur if it does.

A YouTube video the company released shows an electric two-wheeled vehicle cruising along San Francisco streets. Rather than straddling a chassis, the driver rides recumbent and is enclosed in a protective metal shell. But what sets the Lit Motors C1 apart from other electric vehicles is its ability to stay upright at a standstill without help from the driver or a third wheel.


Keeping the vehicle vertical is 1,300 pound-feet of torque from an electronically controlled gyroscope. The goal for this personal transportation device is to not fall over in the event of an accident. Miniatures of the C1 show it being able to stay upright when pushed hard sideways, and the current prototype can withstand a kick to the side, according to an article in the L.A. Times.

Lit Motors isn’t the only company using gyroscopic technology in vehicles. The Segway is perhaps the most famous self-balancing vehicle, and it’s the basis for General Motor’s second-generation EN-V platform. And Honda, Ryno Motors, and BPG Motors are all developing a one-wheeled vehicle that won’t tip over. So far, in terms of being the most practical and the least geeky, Lit is the clear market leader.


But the proof-of-concept shown in the test drive video is a far cry from the sleek candy-white model that the company touts on its Web site and has shown at conferences. In its current iteration, the C1 looks a lot more steampunk than the Scandinavian design to which it aspires. The shell barely contains the driver, let alone the second passenger it hopes to accommodate, and although specifications call for 40 kilowatt in-wheel electric motors, the prototype currently tops out at 10 mph instead of a proposed 120 mph, reports the L.A. Times. It’s probably safe to assume it doesn’t yet have the 200 mile range that CEO Daniel Kim says the production vehicle will achieve.

However, getting a functioning prototype is an important step towards commercialization. The finished product will be outfitted with a range of vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure technology to facilitate communication with traffic and charging facilities. Because it rides on two wheels, it is classed as a motorcycle and won’t have to go through vehicle crash testing, which will cut down on the development time and red tape. For the detractors already poo-pooing the vehicle’s design, keep in mind that the C1 only has to be safer than a motorcycle, not necessarily as safe as a car. The company hopes to have the C1 in its showroom by the end of 2014 with a price tag of about $24,000.

A 40-year-old Menasha man died over the weekend in a motorcycle accident in Calumet County.

According to WLUK-TV, the crash happened just after 2:30 p.m. Saturday, on Highway 10/114 along the north end of Lake Winnebago. Officials say a motorcyclist heading eastbound lost control and went into the westbound lanes where the cycle hit a pickup truck.

State Patrol officials say excessive speed appears to be a contributing factor in the crash.


One killed in motorcycle crash: fox11online.com


Here’s some news that will brighten your day. While strolling the sands of British Columbia’s Haida Gwaii Islands, a beachcomber named Peter Mark recently found a Harley Davidson swept away in the Japan tsunami last March. He had no idea what had happened to the person it belonged to. But the story has a happy ending—the owner of the bike has been identified. And he’s alive

After learning of the found hog, Harley used its VIN number to track down 29-year-old Ikuo Yokoyama, a resident of Miyafi Prefecture, the area hit hardest by the tsunami. The company is now arranging to ship the motorcycle, which save for some corrosion from the ocean is still completely intact, back home to Japan.

As a result of the disaster, 11,000 people in that region were reported dead or missing. Among them were three members of Yokoyama’s family. Sadly, he also lost his home, and he’s still living in temporary housing, so the miraculous return of his Harley is a welcome reprieve.

The story of the lost Harley is unbelievable, and it might just be the first of its kind. There were about five million tons of debris washed into the sea as a result of the storm. Hopefully that means more belongings will be restored to their owners. [CBC]

This hasn’t been published on the RA website yet, but I found these at the local Subway when I was getting lunch today.

Free Ticket Promotion is slightly different than last couple years.  I believe last year it was $25 worth of receipts and you just had to present the coupon and receipts at the gate when you got there.

This year it’s $35 and you have to Mail In your coupon and receipts prior to May 15th and then pick up your tickets at “Will Call,” the day of the event at Gate 3.

More info on the race is available here:  http://www.roadamerica.com/races/raceinformation.asp?id=240

(Note, these below are just pictures of the coupons I picked up and will prob. not work to mail in.)



TOWN OF DANE, Wis. — Several motorcyclists suffered serious injuries in a crash Sunday afternoon.

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office said multiple motorcycles crashed on Highway P near Fellows Road in the town of Dane around 12:40 p.m. Sunday.

Authorities said 13 motorcyclists with five passengers were traveling together from Fort Atkinson to Lodi. As they approached Fellows Road, authorities said the lead motorcyclist slowed suddenly for a sharp turn. Authorities said several motorcyclists ran into each other, resulting in a total of six motorcycles involved in the crash.

Two motorcyclists were transported via Medflight to UW Hospital with serious injuries. Jeffery Reuth, 47, is from Fort Atkinson and Shane Schmidt, 24, is from Jefferson.

Two others were taken by ambulance to UW Hospital with serious injuries. Leslie Zimmerman, 47, is from Fort Atkinson and Mary Quiggly, 18, is also from Fort Atkinson.

Authorities said the crash and its cause are still under investigation.

Highway P will remain closed Sunday afternoon.